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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] According to the Jordan Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jordan Sports") information disclosed in the prospectus, Nike International Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Nike" ) on the "Jordan" trademark opposition and review proposed by the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (hereinafter referred to as "TRAB") rejected the reason is that the judges said: "Nike's not enough to prove in front of the opposed trademark registration, citation MICHAEL JORDAN has become a trademark on goods in China is widely known to the relevant public and enjoy a high reputation of well-known trademark clothing, while athlete Michael? Jordan only has a certain reputation in the field of basketball, but Jordan is the Anglo-American common surname in Other areas Li Qiaodan except basketball does not have a unique correspondence with athletes Michael? Jordan. visibility athletes can not be equated MICHAEL JORDAN trademark visibility in the clothing, footwear, headgear commodities. " I believe that the judges are identified and rulings debatable. First, the judges should not be in written correspondence negative public perception of correspondence Michael Jordan, the famous American basket jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ball star, the Chinese translation for Michael? Jordan. Since China's public alerted Michael? Jordan began its people, the media and the public will have been "Jordan" appellation him, although there are a lot of foreigners surname Jordan, but by the Chinese public to "Jordan" called it, Michael? Jordan should be the first one person. ? As the Chinese people's habits title, is so called foreign celebrities, there are many, such as former US President Bill Clinton, Clinton called the Chinese public;?? US President Barack Hussein Obama, is directly called Obama etc. These titles after being prescriptive, and specific figures on the establishment of a unique correspondence. In fact, whether Chinese name or English name, are identified by name, only because of the different ways appellation East-West cultural differences, caused Chinese person's name is the last name after the first name and the English name is just the opposite. Typical examples, such as Chinese basketball star Yao Ming title in the United States, the Americans called Yao Ming YAO, Yao Ming's jersey is printed YAO. Thus, because of Yao Ming's popularity in the United States, according to the American people appellation habit, YAO is especially "Yao Ming" instead of an ordinary Chinese surname. So, with Michael Jordan? Jordan whe Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ther having a unique correspondence, depending on the language habits and the general public express awareness, rather than on the text itself correspondence. Michael Jordan as the upper nineties they prestigious in the world famous American basketball star, not only in the Chinese sports community has wide influence, which I also love the Chinese public, is the idol of many people of that generation, China's media, the public in accordance with the customary call on various occasions are the Chinese translation of his last name "Jordan" to call him, and the general public in reference to "Jordan" or see the "Jordan" title when the first reaction is to Jordan and Michael? Jordan equivalents, so from the perspective of public perception, "Jordan" is "Michael?" "Michael?" is the "Jordan", the only correspondence between the two can not be obliterated. The judges in written correspondence to deny the correspondence public awareness, I think does not comply with the basic principles of trademark registration shall not prejudice the rights of others in priority. Second, the judges did not take into account the identification and Jordan sports the "Jordan" text, graphics and Arabic numerals 23 combined use of improper motive Although Jordan sports on the one hand claims to be with Michael? Jordan i jordan 3 katrina 2018 s not related, and the Jordan belong to Europe and common name, with Michael? Jordan is no corresponding relationship, but on the other hand, Jordan sports a graphical registered trademarks used, not only A SPLM basketball action, while Jordan sports still using "23" this figure their goods. As we all know, Michael? Jordan's jersey number is the year 23, the text, graphics, numbers together, is bound to produce consumer products and Michael Jordan sports? Jordan hinted effect relationship exists, and in this implied next, so that consumers confused and mistaken its source products so that the basic function of a trademark to identify lost. Thus, when the judges of the Nike "Jordan" trademark dispute, the objective should not only consider the public perception trademark, Jordan sports should also be considered when the trademark registration intentionally mislead consumers improper motive. However, the judges did not take into account the objective reality of the situation, only Jordan and Michael? Jordan does not have a correspondence between the two words, to simply skimming correspondence between the two, in fact, I believe that the identified irregularities. Third, the judges did not identify well-known Nike trademark reasons cited analysis TRAB in reexamination Nike's opposition, not b jordans on sale online e identified on the cited mark Nike, I believe that may be based on the following factors: First, based on the evidence submitted by Nike. The judges found the evidence in the well-known trademark, the general evidence was cited before the filing date of the opposed trademark has been well-known trademark shall prevail. Before Nike could not quite provide the disputed trademark filing date, which cited evidence already well-known trademarks in China, leading to its objection to the application is not supported. Second, the social effects considerations. As the executive, the judges in deciding whether to set up a trademark dispute, will be combined with the law and social effects of a decision is made. Considering the complaint was using the situation in trademark dispute in China, to maintain a stable market economy order point of view, if the judges revoked Jordan sports "Jordan" trademark, will have a significant negative impact on the business, is not conducive to the enterprise stable development for staff employment and promote economic development negative factors. Fourth, Nike did not take judicial relief procedures, resulting in "Jordan" trademark was put on the legitimacy Nike TRAB dismissed after a review of trademark opposition, did not take judicial relief program administrat Retro jordans for sale ive proceedings to the court. I believe it may be out of consideration the following aspects: 1, worried about damage to corporate image litigation fails a lawsuit, especially the more influential litigation, for any company is not a popular thing, not only will involve a lot of time and effort, and if not handled properly, will make the entire company's image suffered bad The negative impact. Nike company as an internationally renowned company, must be very aware of this, so when Michael Jordan hit a trademark dispute, even if the judges an adverse ruling, this is only a specific administrative act of an administrative organ only, less negative impact on Nike, if rush into litigation, as well as no breakthrough in the evidence in favor of no greater certainty when Nike had to give judicial relief. 2, the lack of confidence of Chinese law China's laws, in particular in the field of intellectual property law, most of them from the international conventions and foreign law, contrast, less mature and improve. Some foreign companies due to the awareness of Chinese law is not enough, sometimes in accordance with national laws or international conventions, etc. to judge some of the acts in the territory of China, however, there is often a gap between the final results in accordance with Chinese jordans on sale mens law and its self-judgment, which resulted in a foreign Enterprises in China suffered a dispute, the first will take into account China's legal system and judicial environment. Such as trademarks, some foreign companies that own very well-known trademarks in the world, to focus only on their own English trademark registration protection, ignoring the Chinese word for trademark protection in China, and when there is trademark dispute in China after he was unable to press Chinese law requires evidence to prove effective, it will result in favor of the difficulties. For example, the judges and the courts in trademark dispute cases, determining whether trademark constitutes a trial basis cited well-known trademarks, it is to look at before the filing date of the disputed trademark, whether the trademark has been cited well-known in China as a proof point in time. But generally foreign companies rarely take note of these, over time, will generate a lack of confidence of Chinese law, and therefore, when the need for litigation, will be prudent measure. 3, determine the brand value of Michael? Jordan is ultimately retired basketball star, for the Chinese market in terms of sports, Michael Jordan himself gradually reduce the commercial value. If the launch together with more controversial lawsuits in cheap foamposites China, such as the end result of Nike's negative, then further negative impact on Nike's brand sales. In addition, Nike also owns many well-known brand of active athletes, from the stable Chinese market sales strategy considerations, it may also be one reason you do not select Nike proceedings. In summary, Nike and Jordan sports on trademark dispute "Jordan" trademark, in addition to the judges to consider evidence itself, the administrative factors and Nike's own litigation risk considerations about the final result. Today, Michael? Jordan himself because Jordan sports for themselves and their two children, unauthorized use of names have been filed against Jordan sports in China litigation, Nike may consider take the wind, and Michael? Jordan, together again on the "Jordan" trademark attribution fight, perhaps this time the results will be different. 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The Fan to London City style for inspiration, catalog shoot on the streets of London at night, and with a retro film camera street texture, while the model is wearing a shirt, jacket, T-shirts and other ride lined a single product, it is learned that the series will be in and tomorrow in the form of limited sale, like a friend seems to lose (25.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:59 upload After the launch of the new nike-auto-dt-96-03-570x570.jpg (49.18 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:59 upload nike-auto-dt-96-01-570x857.jpg (98.34 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:59 upload classic, Nike, suit, 00 NEWAdidas Tubular Runner to the classic shape design bold colloca cheap air jordans tion from 1993 has become one of the sole shoes now bursting with popularity, and recently Adidas and application of Primeknit technology on the fusion and warm cashmere fabric to protect you against the cold winter. adidas-Tubular-Runner-Primeknit-2.jpg (266.16 KB, download number: 1) download adidas Tubular Runner Primeknit Wool 2015-11-1 23:40 upload adidas-Tubular-Runner-Primeknit-1.jpg (171.69 KB, download number: 1) download adidas Tubular Runner Primeknit Wool 2015-11-1 23:40 upload adidas-Tubular-Runner-Primeknit.jpg (191.49 KB, download number: 1) download adidas Tubular Runner Primeknit Wool 2015-11-1 23:40 Adidas upload technology, making 00. & nbsp; for sneaker lovers of popular styles of the most vexed place Mo to face all kinds of queuing party and computer automatic drawing program and so on, in this month, NikeStore will launch new online lottery system, to register draw designated products the opportunity to buy, save customers to register draw different styles, and need to different platform or retail sales registration inconvenience, after all need to register lottery sale products will unified in NIKESTORE.COM.HK through "registration first, after the draw, purchase of buying sections of the designated products, success can be choice within the specified time in store pickup order or on the Internet. The new system will be launched in September 21st, also corresponding to the smart phone's web browser, you can click here to enter the draw registration page, and the first round of the new ballot system will be a single product Jordan Air 11 Low Retro, we can be in September 22 to 23 days to draw a lot of attention. (Editor: YOYO) global well-known trend figures Pharrell Williams Fei Dong the chefs in popularity streetwear brands & nbsp; Billionaire Boys Club's by the famous designer mark McNairy co management of bee line extension, recently with the classic shoe brands timberland were planning cooperation, launched a bee line for Billionaire Boys Club x timberland 2014 joint cooperation shoes. In the classic 6 inch boots money, as a whole are to the eye-catching red based, high-quality leather, hard and wear resistant rubber outsole, tough American style. This boot will be available in August 17th at its BBC New York store exclusive sale, which interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. /〉D Lillard Adidas 2 "Tape Yellow" is now available for sale in September 10, 2016 /0 review / in: shoes information / pass: SneakerDaily; adidas D Lillard 2 "Yellow Tape" in the latest new color, inspired by Lillard in a draft day before the trial, uppers of eye-catching bright yellow tone, warning tape into special pattern, knitted fabrics are particularly eye-catching, it seems to remind to remain vigilant, not lax; the outer end portion by stitching black and yellow, and add ink elements in the bottom part and decorated in lace. Priced at $105 dollars, shoe models have been available at all major Basketball Adidas retail stores, interested friends may wish to go to buy. anyShare share: Tags: adidas Lillard 2 D, Adidas D Lillard 2 Yellow Tape 240374 SneakerDaily /uploads/2015/12/logo44-1.png SneakerDaily2016-09-10 copy of.Jpg 16:27:532016-09-10 16:27:53adidas D Lillard 2 " Yellow Tape" sale now you may love Adidas D Lillard 2 " PDX Carpet" Adidas D Lillard 2 release date to determine the "BHM" black color month Adidas D Lillard unveiled the 2 ASG all star Adidas D pictures Lillard 2 " Rip City" Adidas D Lillard 2 on the foot of the new color exposure. Adidas D simple fresh Lillard 2 "PDX Carpet" D Lillard 2 new color preview of Adidas " Dame Time&qu Ot; new color preview D Lillard D 2 new adidasadidas recently released a wall of person of the second generation of signature boots, Adidas J wall 2, starting subjective color, color at home will be released on October 31, and the shooting of lead away color will launch on November 6th. Other simple outline, and uses Quickframe and adiPRENE+ technology the blessing of all palm. Enjoy a fine figure under the shoes of the award. source: weocia& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 8:00 last night in Fengtai District, South ShuangMiao top road east of Fengtai Trade and Industry Branch of law enforcement officers seized 4,248 pairs of fake Nike shoes in a container truck, case value of more than 800 million yuan . The day before yesterday afternoon, law enforcement officers received a report: There are a lot of fake Nike shoes ShuangMiao within South Road near the top of a container truck. 7:00 that evening, law enforcement officers found the suspect vehicle, the vehicle designations Hebei J63706, with the words "Wanshun Transport Company Limited" on the door. In waiting an hour later, hiding in the shadows of the law enforcement officers "and" to the truck driver. The driver said he just employed by transportation companies, it is from a warehouse near the East Fifth Ring pull goods. The case is being further processed.