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has recently served as creative director of Calvin Klein Raf Simons design of the 2017 winter series officially began accepting pre orders, the series includes MA-1 jackets, hoodies and other variety of products, design exaggerated yet simple. I'm sure I'll soon see Raf's younger brother A$AP Rocky playing on the upper part of the body. Supreme x Louis Vuitton can be described as the most recent topic of joint series, and the United States canceled all Supreme x LV Limited store news, so many fans heartache. Recently, there was news that the Supreme banner at the entrance of the Lafayette store was stolen, and on Facebook, the person named "Zoe Godz" was sold at a price of $666, but it immediately deleted the news. How specific the situation is not known for the time being. to prepare for the next 2012 London Olympics, athletes from all walks of life and factors are expected to reduce their seconds of play. To this end, British engineers have developed a new generation of running shoes tailored for elite athletes to meet their actual needs and improve their performance. design ideas, through customized sole, can provide for their shoes for different players, England Loughborough University engineers to make excellent athletes and maximize its strength, make it run fas jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black t, a foot ankle in double energy. rapid manufacturing method -- selective laser sintering method using the research team involved in the design of the Wolfson College of mechanical and manufacturing engineering, special needs to change the hardness of soles for different players, making personalized soles. the so-called selective laser sintering process uses laser energy to sinter plastic particles to form 3D synthetic materials that meet requirements without the need for expensive moulds and processing. As a result, researchers can easily change the characteristics of shoes to suit each athlete's different needs. As a result, all the explosive power of the players is strengthened, which is obviously essential for the running and the high jumpers. lead researcher of the Loughborough University Dan? Thun explained: "the sole with different hardness to standard shoe uppers, and mechanical testing was conducted to quantify the hardness of the sole. Elite athletes wearing shoes with different soles must finish a series of tasks related to speed running and wear barefoot shoes to better control shoes. Each test collects three-dimensional motion data and strength data to quantify athletes' performance." the study found that ankle and foot strength was aff buy cheap jordans online ected by the mechanical properties of the shoes worn. In addition, with the shoes with different soles for their feet, the strength of each person can be maximized. This shows that a pair of personalized shoes is very important. Thun added: "for an athlete, running shoes with the right size and vertical bending stiffness can make the mechanical energy of the ankle more than doubled during the running."." the 3 year program is part of a 5 year, 2 million pound project funded by the Loughborough University's manufacturing and innovation research center. The center is leading research to promote the competitiveness of the UK manufacturing and construction industries, supported by the UK engineering and natural sciences research council. The project has yet to be madeNike Sportswear recently re released a new color of the Sock Dart, but this is the exclusive brand for girls to create a separate version. The new use of white rice throughout the upper, and also by the same plastic band color decoration, also equipped with white and yellow in the bottom. item: 848475-002Price: nike-wmns-sock-dart-light-bone-gum.jpg (158.19 KB, download number: 0) download Nike WMNS Sock Dart Light Bone 2016-6-30 22:22 upload nike-wmns-sock-dart-light-bone-gum-3.jpg (254.08 KB, download numbe jordan 3 katrina 2018 r: 0) download Nike WMNS Sock Dart Light Bone 2016-6-30 22:22 upload nike-wmns-sock-dart-light-bone-gum-4.jpg (134.35 KB, download number: 0) download Nike WMNS Sock Dart Light Bone 2016-6-30 22:22 upload nike-wmns-sock-dart-light-bone-gum-1.jpg (188.79 KB, download number: 0) download Nike WMNS Sock Dart Light Bone 2016-6-30 22:22 upload nike-wmns-sock-dart-light-bone-gum-2.jpg (144.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike WMNS Sock Dart Light Bone 2016-6-30 22:22 upload nike-wmns-sock-dart-light-bone-gum-5.jpg (156.53 KB, 0New & nbsp; Balance shoes retro design innovation constantly inherited motor function and advantages of NB shoes, to create the most suitable for consumer wear. Newly launched DJ & nbsp; 574 retro shoes series combines cool minimalist concept and comfortable lightweight material, and the shoe using ergonomic design, further improved wearing comfort. Exterior painted bright colors like neon fashion, like brisk jump of rhythm, in addition to the classic gray line outside NB and another five kinds of neon bright light, including red, orange, yellow, blue and pink, and then with the DJ & nbsp ; 574 & nbsp; short-sleeved T-shirt series, bored rigid to enjoy the colorful fun of you, want to create their own city melody.After yesterday, we bring the Ko jordans on sale mens be 10 Elite What The spy, and the Nike Basketball officially released this masterpiece, interested friends can pay more attention to. This Flyknit knitted shoes by the colorful color composition, at the same time with 3M Swoosh and reflective shoelaces, and white ink by design and decoration, finally with crystal outsole presentation. item: 815810-900Price: kobe-x-elite-what-the-8.jpg (69.09 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite What The officially released 2015-12-24 08:56 upload kobe-x-elite-what-the.jpg (93.72 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite What The officially released 2015-12-24 08:56 upload kobe-x-elite-what-the-3.jpg (183.68 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite What The officially released 2015-12-24 08:56 upload kobe-x-elite-what-the-6.jpg (115.81 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite What The officially released 2015-12-24 08:56 upload kobe-x-elite-what-the-2.jpg (97.31 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite What The officially released 2015-12-24 08:56 upload kobe-x-elite-what-the-5.0The design has been low-key introverted black fans quite Xinyi shoes, Nike for the reform of the Air VaporMax to create a pure black version will also become a classic, after the official air jordan 11 space jam for sale public makeup photos, the network also released a set of making plans again. New shoes, Flyknit Swoosh and Flywire VaporMax and flanking the transparent Air sole is composed through black, no superfluous decoration on the vamp, designed only to 3M reflective shoes with the point like nature itself. item: 849558-007 release date: June 20th nike-vapormax-triple-black-849557-006.jpg (351.28 KB, download number: 11) download Nike Air VaporMax re exposure of black color 2017-5-29 09:07 upload nike-vapormax-triple-black-849557-006-1.jpg (423.25 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air VaporMax re exposure of black color 2017-5-29 09:07 upload nike-vapormax-triple-black-849557-006-2.jpg (595.74 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air VaporMax re exposure of black color 2017-5-29 09:07 upload nike-vapormax-triple-black-849557-006-3.jpg (304.26 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air VaporMax re exposure of black color 2017-5-29 09:07 upload nike-vapormax-triple-black-849557-006-4.jpg (324.37 KB, download number: 11) download Nike Air VaporMax re exposure of black color 2017-5-29 09:07 upload 0 shortly will be the first center Dwight Howard incurred under the command of, pick in the NBA player market once again resorted to a new action, on season beautiful cheap air jordans duty basket "sixth man of the year award", the effect to the Los Angeles Lakers star guard Louis Williams became a member of the "Star" Olympic team of. Internet era, as an international sports brand, PEAK hope that through the star strategy, signed more American basketball star players, become the most influential basketball brand in the market. source: peakNIKE + RT Air Force 1 and the well-known sports brand givenchy Riccardo Tisci, creative director of joint cooperation shoes, and no less than their SUPREME x NIKE Air Foamposite 1 SP topic. Following a joint collaboration before the launch of the white version, this time we give you the Nike + RT Air Force 1 black version of the joint family. Its prices were lower barrel ($ 230 USD), the barrel ($ 260 USD), Tall ($ 320 USD), boots ($ 340 USD), the series will be available beginning May, interested friends do not miss yo!you remember last year, John Wall in the the Great Wall to show us his new Great Wall tattoo? In addition to the majestic the Great Wall scenery brings a vast visual shock, the whole picture, East and West cultural exchanges more atmosphere. This time, the two words "Great Wall" are hidden in the exterior design of J Wall 2. adidas began hosting an Asian tour called Take On Summer in 2014, inviting its own stars t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale o visit the east. This year, such as Jeremy Lin, Damian, Lillard also arrived in different regions to promote. Among them, Adidas also introduced a bright orange D Lillard 1 for Lillard. Looking back on this new debut J Wall 2 seems to coincide with the colors, but also can not help but guess whether or not Take, On, Summer activities related. source: Sole Collector combined with Nike Kay Yow for a long time cooperation public welfare foundation, the new appearance of this pair of Nike KD 9 is used to commemorate Kevin Durant died from cancer (Aunt Pearl) and aunt pearl version, first appeared in KD 4 in "Aunt Pearl" has become one of the most important KD series fixed team shoes, don't have to the white and pink style, apart from showing a strong contrast in the use of color on the outside, more focus on the details of the performance, can be found on both side of Swoosh Logo, the body of the shoe heel KD totem words are presented with embroidery method, so delicate compared to earlier techniques all kinds of special color, like a pearl aunt always occupies an important position in the heart of KD, people look forward to subsequent public official news release. source: J23 App speaks of fashion, not to mention the four largest cities in the fashion world - New York, London, Milan jordans on sale online and Paris. Every year there are a lot of fashion trends from here, even decided the next season of fashion. With the development of each city in the fashion industry, leading the different style, while New York has been using the combination of sports and leisure famous, sometimes also will have many new shoes on sale before the first to debut, the foreign media in New York found a pair of men's fashion week with Nike Air Chapuka and Nike Air Zoom Talaria's new shoes. early scheduled release date for a month, with the classic but brand-new world to reproduce, sale of the Nike Air Chapuka in 2001 for the first time for the appearance of the prototype structure, special lines outside of this pair of shoes is the biggest characteristic of the new shoes, but choose to replace the original plastic structure in the cortex, but also more the leisure atmosphere; if the shoe makers survey is able to find the bottom up this pair of shoes is from 1997 by Tinker Hatfield personally designed shoes, Nike Air Zoom Talaria. the two pairs of shoes are old, the choice of Nike after re adjustment, combined with many years to show in front of everyone, in addition to the original retro shoes, more modern fashion elements, and according to the fashion week show, many more colors play together. Before Retro jordans for sale the officially on sale in the shoes, you may wish to take a look at the picture, taste this pair of old shoes and shoes by the appearance of re interpretation of new taste brings, you can also guess the fourth quarter or next year's trend, Nike will not have what amazing things? source: highsnobiety you remember their prospecting shoe last Christmas, Carmelo Anthony I M11 Christmas the real version of the overall design inspiration is drawn from Michael Jordan in the 1992 Christmas day by using Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal". As early as in combination with Bugs Bunny that Jordan had already appeared on air brand advertising, just after 23 years of experience Jordan Brand again with two people as the theme, and then evolved into the front of the Melo M11 'Hare', the geometry from the boot all the way to the tongue color choose bright coloured patchwork complete degree is quite high, even though I have not appeared in the basketball great NBA on the battlefield, but through both its players at the foot of shoes deduction, can still feel very strong inheritance means. is expected to be on sale in May 16th, model 717101-015: $160. source: Sole Collector after a flurry of speculation, today in the New York time half past four in the afternoon (Taipei time at half past three in the morni cheap foamposites ng) a special press conference to be held in the protagonist is still just enveloped in mystery, but the protection so tight that we can reasonably predict it will be published in a new generation of AIR JORDAN styles in the calendar, after different periods of development, JORDAN BRAND brand AIR JORDAN series is the highest level of power display, as the carrier to show JORDAN BRAND on Basketball Culture and technology to the shoes, the shoe prospecting are also invited to New York site waiting, will bring a report for you please look forward to. After surprised us at Air Jordan XX8, what would Air Jordan XX9 feel like through the evolution of Flight, Plate, and a new knit shoe top? We will start with the official information, and then add the content of this article. Please enjoy it slowly or make a delicious breakfast on Friday morning! Tinker Hatfiekd talking about Air Jordan XX9 V=zstF45cbmS0?Tinker in the film (the way, his beard is going on... "XX9," said Kaizong Akiyoshi. "AJ, like a glove covering your feet, makes you feel comfortable without shoes."! This effect is from the latest technology (performance-woven upper) vamp woven, the original goal of this technique is used to show the exquisite pattern or details, but since it can achieve precise adjustment, why don't you bring promotion shoe? This is the first innovation of AJ XX9, through weaving skills, density of multiple considerations, so that the top four important things: comfort, support, toughness, as well as the protection of the feet can be met once. To use the in the bottom first seen in the AJ XX8 Flight Plate, its operation principle can refer to AIR / JORDAN XX8 interview survey on design analysis and detailed description of AIR JORDAN cover story / XX8 twenty-eight generation stealth attack in the course, if in this sentence to a brief description of Flight Plate Zoom, so that the performance of Air complete release and let the sole power transmission (Heel to toe transition AJ XX9), in the official explanation that this lets more properly and keep the suspension foot and feedback clear, the connecting part of the original AJ XX8 before and after complete separation in the palm, in order to increase the stability and smooth conduction although, Tinker did not mention, but small series of AJ XX8 after all bold hypothesis is based on the concept of car model to build the premise, many attempts to explore the possibility of technology, the evolution of XX9 Built on the basis of last year, relative to maturity and stability. As far as the durability of the tour is concerned, part of the official campaign must not be particularly true. I think it may still have to wait for a brave man (for example, Xiao bian... After the actual combat, there will be preliminary conclusions. Air Jordan XX9 technology analysis in addition to the two major points mentioned above, AJ XX9 complete technology is listed below, and they will be used in two versions currently known. The 1. characteristics of the existing upper instructions, but if you have noticed, the text mentioned.Although Curry 2.5 has been ready to come, but if you think Curry 2 so far, it is wrong, it will debut a foreign recently following the "Black Knight" after the super hero inspired the new color of 'Waves'. happens to be a color before the relative depth, the main color is suitable for home court color, shoes decorated with silver wave lines, said here we should also guess that Marvel comics in the "Silver Surfer" (Silver Surfer). The upper silver lines though inconspicuous but pull far to see also quite unique, and the shoe body before and after the period is different, and the inside of the tongue cloth standard did not complete appearance, somewhat unfortunately, but it is worth the wait. In addition NBA Championship sixth in Taiwan tomorrow morning will open, in addition to match key warriors will take 2 straight away, whether Curry has the opportunity to wear this color seems full of exciting, the United States will debut in June 16th, $130. source: sneakerfiles launched to combat the hot summer shoes? Nike Zoom Hyperfranchise and a new color if the public, color in color reminiscent of the Chicago bulls color, this also adds a more wear resistant rubber material sole help outdoors can play more, at present this in part by color the Asian stores listed, please pay close attention to the following more information. source: sneakernews? this early may release the SB Dunk Low & quot; motorcycle Helmet" and no to show the classic color, black leather shoes with white midsole binding may seem unremarkable, although to a motorcycle helmet for design inspiration, he has a general Swoosh touch, the effect is very impressive; shoes currently has officially landed the US version on sale, priced at $90, No. 304292-091. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!