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ACC Technology from the upper material developed during a special process, so that the player holding the ball being consistent in any weather conditions. Regardless of where the race was held, the weather conditions will more or less match a certain impact: for example, in London, a season, an average of 125 raining weather, which makes the catch and the ball becomes extremely difficult, even for those The most outstanding player as well. Under wet weather conditions, the Nike ACC technology ensures constant friction between the surface and soccer shoes for the players brought under dry conditions with a sense of almost the same ball. Nike's design team through communication and includes several players, including Barcelona Iniesta's learned to keep a sense of consistent with the ball under dry conditions on the wet field the players have been expected to achieve little. Nike shoes into the latest design and hig jordans on sale online h performance, making each shoe has a unique style. Now, ACC technology has been successfully applied in all of Nike sneakers styles, including Mercurial Vapor VIII, Tiempo Legend IV, CTR360 Maestri III and Total 90 Laser IV. From October 15, 2012, all of Nike soccer shoes will be equipped with All Conditions Control (ACC) Technology. Mercurial Vapor VIII Mercurial Vapor VIII innovation to improve the performance to a new height, which is a speed-type players to build the boots. Set of innovative technology and stylish appearance in one, brought unparalleled comfort, ball feeling and grip. CTR360 MAESTRI III Designed specifically for the midfield maestro, enabling them to precisely control the situation and sharp passing. Control padded instep and foot snug fit, bring smooth response. Transversely concave pattern design to create a soft toe, thus reinforcing the ball feeling and ball control. The sole guarantee of energy feedback and strength, and the blade-type spikes bring the best grip and stability. TOTAL 90 LASER IV an opportunity to seize the moment ultimate killer to help reverse the situation so that the ball boots. Particularly sleek profile used to enhance a sense of comfort jordans on sale mens and ball of the foot, and the shoe back to reconfigure the shot and rotating zone may touch the ball at the moment of natural bent legs, so shooting action more cleanly. Spike improved can not increase the pressure spikes while for the players to achieve the strongest grip. TIEMPO LEGEND IV & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's tradition and heritage, combined with innovative technology, to create a pair of classic boots. Firm and soft, fine leather brings extreme comfort sex, ball feel and control. Lightweight TPU sole plate provides strong power and flexibility, and improved configuration of the spike has brought the best grip.Warm-up in the image field, and the ancients were hurled the tactics of Duncan before there is a habit of dressing room layout coach end everybody ready to play, he would put his big shoes, pick up a small bottle of mineral water back a few steps to throw inside until after the play, it's like I like playing Touhu game, don't a dull expression under Duncan expression instantly there are many, not to mention the warriors in the first half is full of other players, only Duncan in the past cast a vote, and then slowly Dian son leave hilarious moments, how dull, field colorful is his ch Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale aracter. Duncan first came to San Antonio's pre-season training camp, everyone wants to see the champion and an admiral who is more powerful, Robinson, Duncan results at both ends of the offensive and defensive are better than in the late, equal to the new rookie the team boss to quell the, after the training we prepare bath will be and where depressed the, dull filed past his slippers said: brother, zanliang go take a bath.. Robinson later recalled that he used hot water to cover up the tears of the moving. Young people seldom have this to elders respect, like Duncan is not just like his natural Meng, and he that worthy of our remembered by generations of growth in young people's quality. James recalls the moment said: when you fall, you will think you according to the mirror, you will ask myself what will I have to do to help the team. I won't let teammates down. I don't let myself down. Perhaps he was born is not Jordan, Kobe Bryant as player, he's more like strengthening the offensive of the magician, but in be regarded as number one moment, you should understand that this time, anti is the damage to the team, only by your actions on the situation will be pregnant after an army raid, perhaps t jordan 3 katrina 2018 he spurs a hundred times more than last year's thunder veteran, but not attention always your own worst enemy. You are not afraid to die on the battlefield, if you are not in charge of the road! remember a few years before Bryant guest challenges, and Miami Heat, game very anxious but the Lakers defeat, after Kobe very angry, alone a person back to the arena began shooting practice, after the end of the NBA has not earlier, so he abruptly threw an hour, the lights clean floor uncle aunt who helpless joke said: who's going to tell him here not staples? This is the real Kobe, he sometimes waves cast blacksmith, but he never gave up his chance every perfect, like TNT commentator said: if you not give Bryant every year two or three million salary, he still from early morning to play late into the night. Thibodeau: I saw a player. Mohamed: the league has changed. Potatoes: James is a hypocrite, will only keep image in advertising. Boozer: it was James's first push. Final James said: Bulls team played very tough, but not dirty, dominance is not to say that, but by means of one show goals and assists, ambition is not your garbage in the level of words, but you rush to the reasonable Chong 〉to Nike buy cheap jordans online years, once its basketball shoes are divided into "wind" "thunder" factions, in between the players of different styles. But as time goes by, this concept has rarely mentioned. However, since the Jordan brand will Blake & middot; Griffin and Chris & middot; Paul the two players football into the command, we find that their shoes is also gradually take two to the trend. If Griffin like nine days of pale ray, and then Paul is the dazzling day; as the quiet wind, with luck. Since the start of the 07-08 season, Paul has his own signature shoes Jordan CP3 series, the product has been quick guards shoes classic. This year, as Paul to join the alliance of the tenth year, Jordan Brand to his birthday gift is new jordan CP3.VIII. Let us work together to experience, this brand new pair of boots of speed. In fact, from the fourth generation of products to reduce the upper height, the overall shape of the CP3 series is not much change. All of the wide flat toe, heel slightly narrow. Of course this is point guard basketball shoes to pursue a reflection of the sense of speed, and the difference is that, CP3.VIII forefoot to the lateral bottom further extend upward, at the forefoot formed a small enclosed. The ben cheap air jordans efits of doing so is to improve as much as possible outside of the ground area, increase friction. In the process of sideways push forward, this structure is a considerable help. shoe body is concerned, CP3.VIII can be regarded as the series of the most simple one. Only to see, can only find vamp adopts the structure of a type, uniform color is slightly dull. But careful observation, or to find the designer's intentions. Side mesh part slightly somewhat EM materials of taste, close you can see the fine holes found its inspiration is said to be derived from sports car dashboard texture and wood grain decorative. And on the toe and shoe collar extension uses the hot melt materials package, to further enhance the strength of materials, but also brings quite good texture. and Super.Fly 3, CP3.VIII abandoned instead of using the Flight Web system fit fly line technology. A wider suspension band reduces the pressure within the unit area and brings better wearing comfort. And CP3 series consistently thick tongue is and uppers wrapping system together, wearing the unity of the whole provides considerable help. It is worth noting that, CP3.VIII this time the use of a more thick cylindrical lace, intended to jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black improve the friction to make the lace is not easy to loose. Specific and practical effect how? We will hold the table again. initial CP3.VIII, almost all people will be its side of the body of the huge shoe TPU support bar. In basketball shoes, such a semi enclosed design should be the first case. From the toe to the side of the inner side of the support of the organization of course will provide better support performance. But then we will face a dilemma: to the outside.Lining the 2017 in usher in a new color design, the upper is made of synthetic leather, cloth and fabric material with fly development innovation, gradient printing process, provide a comfortable package feeling vamp and outstanding support, in the end Li Ningyun equipped with innovative technology, stable TPU chip, with rubber outsole provides excellent cushioning effect. item: ABAM007-6 001IzPVqzy78z934tkk10& amp; 690.jpeg (285.94 KB, download number: 18) download Lining phantom 2017 new color design 2017-2-8 12:56 upload 001IzPVqzy78z932O7X75& amp; 690.jpeg (293.54 KB, download number: 18) download Lining phantom 2017 new color design 2017-2-8 12:56 upload 001IzPVqzy78z937f3Oc0& amp; 690.jpeg (269.22 KB, download nu cheap foamposites mber: 15) download Lining phantom 2017 new color design 2017-2-8 12:56 upload 001IzPVqzy78z93fAVxd7& amp; 690.jpeg (285.97 KB, download number: 17) download Lining phantom 2017 new color design 2017-2-8 12:56 upload 001IzPVqzy78z93hFN1cb& amp; 690.jpeg (367.63 KB, download number: 18) download Lining phantom 2017 new color design 2017-2-8 12:56 upload 001IzPVqzy78z93jfmTff& amp; 690.jpeg (218.37 KB, download number: 18) download Lining phantom 2017 new color design 2017-2-8 12:56 upload Lining phantom 2017 basketball shoes 00This pair of boots after Carter Nike Shox TLX Mid SP in HD display also released twice, officially released today. This pair of new Nike Shox TLX MID SP is not only a complex moment to return, is the experience of the Nike design team full of carefully crafted. Use a black color to show it to the enduring masterpiece, the perforated material combination net material constitute the shoe body with fluorescent yellow Dynamic Flywire details, and 3M reflective material of the Swoosh logo, Shox type signature finally equipped with resilient soles, follow-up reports interested friends, please be sure to lock the latest information. release date: June 26th Nik air jordan 11 space jam for sale e-Shox-TLX-Mid-SP-2.jpg (51.12 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-26 09:57 upload Nike-Shox-TLX-Mid-SP-1.jpg (47.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-26 09:57 upload Nike-Shox-TLX-Mid-SP-3.jpg (112.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-26 09:57 upload Nike-Shox-TLX-Mid-SP-4.jpg (42.06 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-26 09:57 Nike Shox TLX Mid upload, SP Carter, 00air-jordan-9-low-bright-red-infrard-black-grey-4.jpg (199.23 KB, download number: 13) download Air Jordan 9 Low Bright Red once again exposed 2016-3-13 08:52 upload Yesterday, the "China Shoes Capital", "Jinjiang branch" Exhibition Group on the first day of the Canton Fair, many of the owners sigh with emotion, the Canton Fair is indeed deserted a lot! However, the first time in the Canton Fair to see so many Jinjiang brands concentrated exhibition, many domestic and foreign customers are facing cheap shoes, showing a strong interest. under the influence of the financial crisis, the various pavilions in the Canton Fair all seem deserted. According to the Organizing Committee of the Canton Fair statistics, the just concluded two weeks before the Canton Fair, the total will be 135 thousand overseas buyers, down 4.2%; total turnover of 20 billion 100 million U. s.dollars, down 18.8%. It is understood that this is since last year, turnover has dropped sharply again, but the number of overseas buyers declined slightly. This shows that the Canton Fair orders for short and small orders, by the impact of the financial crisis is still serious. however, Chendai Museum still attract a lot of foreign investors. Because the 22 companies hold together exhibitors, and brand enterprises, international buyers have long stay in Chendai museum. Yesterday was the first day of the Canton Fair Jinhan Exhibition shoes, evening closing time, every enterprise has a collection of dozens of foreign name card, South America and the Middle East businessmen relatively more. Of course, I'm afraid there is still some time left from the order. Most buyers are only tentative contacts. (editor in chief: admin)Alife introduced a lot of money and the sports brand of shoe in 2008, to 2009, Alife again in cooperation with Reebok, Hi and Pro were launched Freestyle Legacy Lux and Ventilator Lux three co branded shoes, the shoes are Alife Logo on the heel. The Freestyle Hi with red color is quite prominent, the Pro Legacy Lux side with a black Alife embossed leather material collocation red soles and shoes, Ventilator and Lux with a white leather shoes as high-quality fabrics. Now this series of shoes has been on sale at", 〉, and colette. Alife, x, Reebok 09, collaboration, first gun, BBC/Ice, Cream, delicious Waffle, new shoes comments on last article: Alife x Reebok 09 cooperation first gun next article: BBC/Ice Cream delicious Waffle new shoesBulgarian artist Simeon Georgiev received fashion information website Highsnobiety invited to Nike before the Air Max 1 and Roshe Run two shoes based on the designed shape and style to meet the robot's shoes, lines and contour design excellent works that exudes a different kind of sense of the future. source: flightclub extremely small fresh / New Balance 1300 United States produce new color, April new color list / Nike, Roshe, Run review last article: extremely small fresh / New Balance 1300, the United States produces new color matching next article: April new color list / Nike Roshe RunToday Lining basketball released Lining Wade way 3 year camouflage trilogy, will bring us 3 elements using different camouflage color to create the shoes, and the web is exposed the "Jungle" pictures, the shoe body overall use of jungle camouflage color, to create the whole shoe body in an irregular pattern, Lining Logo decorated in tongue and the bottom shoe, the overall feeling very concealment, and outstanding outline design, the perfect sports shoes reflects the strong sense of the shoes priced at 899, but the specific release date yet to release, interested friends not to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.Cole Haan Pop up Store Asia Limited 2013-12-08 22:33:10 recently released the color subject of footwear brand Cole Haan coming in October 5th to 14 in Asia opened a new store, in order to let more people know the trend of Asian brand Cole Haan the contact, the store shop specially quasi dozens of pairs of shoes by special color. In addition, there are "American Pack" series shoes with American color matching as the main axis. The classic British carved shoes become more youthful and more fashionable in the hands of Cole Haan designers. It is reported that this series of different styles, different color matching shoes will be limited in the new shop sale.